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[8 Meals Combo] [Instant Low-Carb Meal] Dry Curry Chicken Rice 2 Servings Pack x4

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RM 99.00
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RM 112.00

Introducing Our Instant Low-Carb Dry Curry Chicken Rice:

Elevate your dining experience with our Instant Low-Carb Dry Curry Chicken Rice, a perfect blend of exquisite flavors and health-conscious ingredients. Savor the rich aroma of authentic dry curry paired with succulent chicken, all balanced with our signature low-carb rice combination of Cauliflower Rice and Low-GI Red Rice.

Key Features:

1. Instant Gratification: Ready in just minutes, our convenient meal ensures you enjoy a wholesome, satisfying experience without the wait.


2. Low-Carb Goodness: Crafted with our unique blend of Cauliflower Rice and Low-GI Red Rice, this meal caters to your low-carb lifestyle without compromising on taste.

3. Healthy Indulgence: Indulge guilt-free in this delectable curry chicken rice that combines the richness of flavors with mindful nutrition.

4. Quality Ingredients: We use only premium ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delightful fusion of taste and nourishment.

5. Convenient Packaging: Sealed in an aluminum retort pouch for freshness, our meal is not just delicious but also easy to heat and enjoy.

Dive into the world of Caurys Instant Low-Carb Dry Curry Chicken Rice—where health meets flavor in every mouthful. Order now and experience the ultimate balance of taste and wellness!

Convenient, Nutritious, Long-lasting (9-12 months).