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[Family Pack] PA Germinated Black Sesame Soy Milk Less Sugar (12x930ml)

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PA Germinated Soy Milk also comes with another version with added black sesame, delivering the dual nutritional benefits of soy and black sesame in one fresh and flavourful glass. 

Double the Black, Double the Benefits 

PA Germinated Black Sesame Soy Milk is the perfect way to stay healthy and nourished, it also has high anti-aging nutrients.

It’s so delicious and healthy, black sesame and germinated soybeans combination help:

-promoting healthy hair growth

-regulate blood sugar levels

-supporting digestive health 

-prevent osteoporosis

PA Milk Dairy Promises: 

a) high quality imported non-GMO, organic soybeans 

b) made from 100% germinated skin peeled whole beans: it’s more nutritious, easier to absorb, has less abdominal bloating effect, less purine content 

c) no preservatives, chemical additives, colourings, flavourings, thickeners, defoamers, gums, or oils 

d) rich and smooth texture, no raw bean taste

e) high temperature and high-pressure sterilization to preserve its nutrients and ensure products can be stored at room temperature up for to 6 months without losing the quality 

f) natural goodness and healthy

**stored in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

**once opened, refrigerate at 1ºC-4ºC and consume as soon as possible