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[Starter Pack] PA Germinated Soy Milk Unsweetened (6x930ml) - Soy Milk x3 + Black Soy Milk x3

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Germinated Soy Milk Unsweetened 

PA Germinated Soy Milk is made from non-GMO germinated beans, and it’s free of preservatives, chemical additives, colourings, flavourings, thickeners, defoamers, gums or oils – just soybeans + water and the real taste of beans. 

With the benefits of lowering blood pressure and improving immunity, it’s a great choice for diabetic patients as well as children and the elderly alike. It’s also been shown to help strengthen bones and digestion. 

And don’t worry about the taste: our soy milk has been germinated so that it has more nutrients than ordinary soy milk. You’ll never go back to regular again!

Germinated Black Soy Milk Unsweetened 

A thick and creamy texture with a rich bean flavour that makes every bite taste like real beans and nothing else. Black soy milk is a great alternative to dairy milk. It’s a rich source of protein and antioxidants, and it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Good for regular folks, even better for diabetics, children, and the elderly. 

So what are the benefits of drinking PA Germinated Black Soy Milk? Let us count the ways:

-improve heart health and immune system

-helps reduce cholesterol levels 

-maintain healthy bones 

-provide a healthy digestive system

-anti ageing

PA Milk Dairy Promises: 

a) high-quality imported non-GMO, organic soybeans 

b) made from 100% germinated skin peeled whole beans: it’s more nutritious, easier to absorb, has less abdominal bloating effect, less purine content 

c) no preservatives, chemical additives, colourings, flavourings, thickeners, defoamers, gums or oils 

d) rich and smooth texture, no raw bean taste

e) high temperature and high-pressure sterilization to preserve its nutrients and ensure products can be stored at room temperature up for to 6 months without losing the quality 

f) natural goodness and healthy

**stored in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

**once opened, refrigerate at 1ºC-4ºC and consume as soon as possible